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Child Law Solicitors Leeds

If you find yourself in the position where you need to obtain legal advice in relation to a child law legal matter, we know that it is likely to be a very difficult time in your life. Our Leeds-based team of Child Law Solicitors are on-hand to advise and legally support you with child law matters.

Legal Representation Relating to ‘Child Disputes’

We act for children, parents, and family members in situations where a dispute has arisen, for example, where parents are separated, and there are problems agreeing on contact, or a dispute as to where the child should reside. We also are able to provide expert family law advice to adopted parents and birth parents who are considering adoption.


Child Law Services Include
- Disputes relating to where a child should live
- Disputes relating to with whom a child should have contact
- Grandparents access
- Applications by the Local Authority for care, supervision orders, adoption
- Abduction matters
- Forced marriage
- Disputes relating to changing a child’s name
- Maintenance issues
- Financial issues

Child Law Matters Involving
Social Services or Care Proceedings


We advise and represent parents, other family members, and Children’s Guardians in all child law matters. These include proceedings where the Local Authority has applied for Emergency Protection Orders, Care Orders, or where parents apply for contact with children in care and discharge of Care Orders. We can also advise and assist where children are voluntarily accommodated and our child law Solicitors will attend Child Protection Meetings.


We are here to support parents and provide them with advice and empower them during this difficult time. Full public funding is usually granted to all parents and children involved in public law cases, regardless of financial means.


Child Abduction Legal Matters


Where child abduction is concerned, we are able to provide legal assistance in matters relating to threatened abduction and actual abduction.


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